It is possible to buy a house in the country for less than 100,000 euros.

After more than ten years of stagnation, the market for second homes is experiencing a resurgence of interest, but for the moment, prices in the countryside remain at very reasonable levels and make it possible to become a homeowner at a low price.

The first piece of advice for buying cheap: don’t choose a highly-rated region, such as the Ile-de-France or the Côte d’Azur, where country homes often serve as a carry-over market for local assets with a tight budget.To find attractive prices, you have to go off the beaten track,” advises Philippe Descampiaux, managing director of the Descampiaux-Dudicourt agencies in Lille.

The second good idea is to settle more than 20 km from the sea or mountain resorts, more than an hour and a half from a large metropolis and beyond the second ring of a medium-sized city.

Third imperative: agree to live less than 100 m2 in a village house with a small garden or a building in the countryside with land (except in agricultural areas where land is expensive).finally, at less than 100,000 euros, the house will have to be refreshed and, at less than 50,000 euros, a more extensive renovation will be necessary to make it pleasant to live in.

At this budget, you can find small stone houses in the villages or old half habitable farmhouses in the countryside, between 80 and 100 m2, with a roof in good condition and healthy walls, but their interior will always be “in its juice”, with simple glazing, antediluvian electricity, often no heating and rooms decorated to your grandmother’s taste.For a higher budget, between 50 000 and 100 000 euros, the house will be bigger or with more land and often in better condition.

Two possible strategies

At these rates, in the North, aim for the countryside of the Oise, the Somme or the Aisne, or the areas about thirty kilometres from the Bay of the Somme. In Normandy, focus on the south of Caen and the area around Alençon.

For Brittany, explore the border area of the Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère and Morbihan. Some areas of Limousin, Nièvre or Bresse also hide good deals, as does the Morvan, the area between Nancy and Epinal, the Ardèche, Aubrac, Burgundy far from the vineyards, the heart of the Centre-Val-de-Loire and the large areas of pasture and livestock (Lozère, Corrèze…) which are becoming depopulated.

Once fixed on the area, you have to be either very quick or very patient.

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